Time4Popcorn launches Popcorn Time for Android

  1. Time4Popcorn, a fork of the popular movie torrent downloader and streaming software Popcorn Time, has launched an Android app. The developers told TechCrunch that Google pulled the program from Google play citing copyright concerns, but it's still available on their website...

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  3. H3llion

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    Still using the original one. Looked at the code and adapting that to TV Shows from certain uploaders is fairly simple. I tried the new one but it just did not seem right.
  4. The link given doesn't lead to the same site as time4popcorn which claims to have a 3.1 beta. So how many popcorns are out there and which are legit versus malicious.
  5. H3llion

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    Just a heads up,

    There has been few "scandals" on Reddit regarding 'Time4Popcorn'. Whether it's true or not I am not sure however apparently they run the whole app in an iFrame allowing remote access to your machine through it.

    I believe is "safer" over 'time4popcorn'

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