Popcorn Time is the result of many developers and designers putting a bunch of APIs together to make the experience of watching torrent movies as simple as possible. We are an open source project. We are from all over the world. We love our movies. And boy, do we love popcorn.

Note: As some of you may or may not know, Popcorn Time has two main forks: Popcorn Time and Time4Popcorn. Here you can find the Android app for both forks. Both work great, but we recommend Popcorn Time which is the first download link.

Great movies

We're constantly searching all over the web for the best torrents from the most important sites.

No restrictions

Watch any movie as many times as you want. All you need to get started is a proper internet connection.

Awesome catalogue

If the movie is out there, Popcorn Time will find the best version possible and start streaming it right away.

The best quality

Watch your movie instantly in HD and with subtitles. And then keep watching.

What's New:

The last two updates were done in the timespan of a week. This release took some more time, but we think it was worth it.

The first thing you'll notice is that the primary color of the application is different, blue is now indigo. Problems introduced in previous version of the application have been fixed and we've added some fancy enhancements. And the most important thing probably: we updated LibVLC, the library that powers the video player, for better video playback.

We had hoped to have released our Android TV version by now, but that wasn't possible due to time issues. If you want to help then please join our Git repository on https://git.popcorntime.io/. Many hands make light work.


  • Change primary color from blue to indigo
  • Update VLC video player code to LibVLC 1.5.0
  • Added option to see full torrent stats for movies
  • Added 480p option to default qualities
  • Added visibility of progress in notification when in background
  • Added stop action to close in notification when in background
  • Fixed movie description view size
  • Fixed English not being in the language selector
  • Fixed crash when opening .torrent or magnet
  • Fixed casting when opening from .torrent or magnet
  • Fixed relaunch of external player
  • Fixed background initialisation of torrent
  • Fixed video reload option
  • Fixed updating progress bar on resume
  • Fixed screen not going off when playback ended