TIP; Minimizing startup programs

By jobeard
Jul 29, 2007
  1. I'm on a laptop and battery power is precious. The number of programs auto-started
    whether system services or applications, consumes significant resources and
    impedes the system responsiveness, especially durring boot time. My goal was
    to reduce startup time and paging activity to a minimum so as to preserve as
    much battery capacity as possible. The side effect of trimming of auto-starts
    is a system that preforms well and actually reduces the number of 'infection-vectors'
    (The path used to get malware on a system) that can be attacked.

    My first pass was to trim unnecessary system service.
    The System-services.txt attachment is an export from Services in tab
    delimited format, which is best read in a tablular view
    (eg: open with word, select all, tools->insert->table)
    It is sorted on the Startup column to highlite what actions i've made.
    Nicely, it also documents that while I asked for some MANUAL startups,
    some of them are showing that the process is already STARTED! This
    is the system reacting to a prerequisite program that was not auto-started.

    Secondly, I want to to stop all auto-update programs and/or as many auto-started
    applications as possible
    Using Spybot Search & Destroy, I found that I could
    disable programs without fussing directly with the registry and if I made a mistake,
    my actions were easiy reversed.
    The attachment documents what I've done.
    (apologies in that I know some entries were deleted and thus do not
    showup in this list, eg: java-update was deleted from auto-start).
    Items disable via Spybot S&D are marked (DISABLED)

    I'm sure still more might be pruned from the system, but the current setup
    is effective enough and I'm much better off than with the Win/XP configuration.

    Best wishes to all.
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