To Kindle or not to Kindle (now, that is!)

By applemon
Mar 28, 2011
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  1. Have been contemplating on buying a Kindle for about half a year now, but kinda put it off, cause I still have some actual books to finish and wanted to wait till I’d go traveling. I heard the Kindle 4 might come out early summer this year.. but I’ve only heard some vague humors. Who knows more?
  2. malcar

    malcar TS Rookie

    Kindle option

    Having bought my wife a Kindle for christmas I can honestly say it is for her the best present I could have got. She now can read books with a font of her choice and I can download all sorts of novels. Updates are a doodle to instal and I am sure that if and when "4" comes along I will be able to download it as an update.
    By the way if anyone buys a Kindle make sure you download onto your PC "CALIBRE E-book manager" it's free and will convert any e-book for use on your Kindle, hope this helps, good luck

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