Toshiba laptop AC power problem

By mjv316
Jan 25, 2010
  1. Hello everyone... I hope someone can help me in fixing this power issue problem in my Toshiba Equium A200 laptop. I have been searching every technical forum about this problem and I've seen many people having this kind of problem -- mostly toshiba laptops. However, none of them got this problem fixed or no one gave a good solution to this power issue. Well, here is the problem:
    Since 2 months ago, my Toshiba Equium A200 suddenly freezes when AC power is plugged-in. When the laptop is in battery mode (meaning the AC power is unplugged), the laptop works fine and there are no problems within it. However, as Engineering student, I can't just work for few hours and recharge again the battery. I always work with my laptop for more than 3 straight hours. The lifespan of my battery is only 1 - 1.5 hours. To be more precise, sometimes my laptop won't boot at all when connected to an AC power. So what I did is to put the laptop in battery mode first and when it reached windows, I then connect the AC power. However, after few seconds, the laptop freezes and I cannot move the mouse anymore and I'll end up unsafely turning off my laptop.
    I have already made many attempts to fix my laptop: do a memory test, hard disk test, disable dual core, have a new AC adapter, set frequency mode to always low. I already brought my laptop to the nearest Toshiba service center however, they told me that they'll replace the motherboard which will cost me about $500.00. Well, I do not have that amount of money for now and I am always hoping and praying that there will be a solution other than replacing the motherboard. Also, It would be ok for me if someone can tell me if there is a Toshiba battery (or alternative) that can give more than 3 hour lifespan.

    This is my final year in my Electrical Eng'g course and I am on the process of finishing my thesis and I can't work effectively with my laptop having this power issue. I am hoping that someone having this kind of problem was able to fix the problem and willing to share their solution. Also, as an Electrical Engineering student, I have some background in fixing electrical hardware. So I am ready to do something with the laptop's hardware as long as that will be surely the solution to this problem.. Thank you very much..

    mark j.
  2. woodzlamp

    woodzlamp TS Rookie

    Similar problem

    I have similar problem with my M200 and is still quizzed about the problem. I hope somebody can help
  3. Mathews George

    Mathews George TS Rookie

    Temporary solution

    I have similar problem in satellite m200 model

    Disable processor may solve your problem

    for boot in safe mode, restart your laptop and keep tapping F8 key until a list of booting option appear
    >> choose start witdowns with safe mode
    >> go to device manager
    >> disable your processor
    >> restart the laptop (normal startup).

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  4. HarryGem

    HarryGem TS Rookie

    Toshiba Equium 1vo AC start up issues.

    Having similar problem with ac adaptor when plugged in. Not a clue. Have tried what you described to no avail. Also replaced ac adaptor, power board to eliminate. Laptop works well on battery. PSU charges ok with new & old ac adaptor.
    On Battery it boots fine blue disk light on front flickers. When powering up on ac it starts up and after 10secs it shuts down another 10 secs and it starts again and nothing happens, screen blank. (can open optical drive). does not seem to be accessing the hard disc as the light is not flickering.

    Can you help to guide me with other possible solutions please?

    Mathew George ---- possible solution:

    for boot in safe mode, restart your laptop and keep tapping F8 key until a list of booting option appear
    >> choose start witdowns with safe mode
    >> go to device manager
    >> disable your processor
    >> restart the laptop (normal startup
  5. CAMusing

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  6. HarryGem

    HarryGem TS Rookie

    Tried this again as requested. No go. Still exactly the same. Just require a little more knowledge about the possible causes and a solution would be helpful.
  7. mike1959

    mike1959 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,026   +51

    Laptop power problem

    In XP the options should be; Control Panel, Power options, Power schemes=Portable/Laptop. 'When computer is plugged in' = 'Turn off monitor=never' 'Turn off hard disk=never' But I would guess everyone has thought of that !!
  8. Mathews George

    Mathews George TS Rookie


    Search for "Satellite A205-S5800 freezes when AC power" in google and go through the link ( i am unable to post link now).

    It discuss about the same problem in Satellite-A205. It mentions about NEC/TOKIN OE128 chip. This chip need to be replaced to solve this problem permanently. I have not attempted this solution.

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