Toshiba RDXV60KB HDD/DVD/VCA Recorder, Virgin TIVO box and Toshiba TV

By compused
Dec 5, 2014
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  1. We recently got a Tivo Box which the technician connected and he also connected the Toshiba RDXV60KB recorder correctly. As you will appreciate, we hardly ever use the latter as we record everythig on the Tivo Box but I thought I would records "I'm a Celebritity Get me Out of Here!" on the recorder because you can then edit out the ads which you can't do on the Tivo Box. We must have pulled out a plug or wire because non of the TV channels are now tuned into the recorder, although we can still view the programmes we have already recorded. When you try to auto tune the channels, it will only go to Analog and does not register the digital tuning. If I press "Imput Select" which is supposed to take you through the 3 options of "Auto Tuning (DVB & ANALOG), DVB Channel Setup or ANALOG Channel Setup - it will only go to ANALOG and then the tuning process doesn't work and it stays flashing on the first part forever. The Tiva box is working perfectly but we don't know what we have done wrong with the recorder.
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    Don't worry about replying to the above. We unplugged the recorder from the mains and then were able to retune it. The trouble is it gets very dusty where all the plugs are plugged in.

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