Toshiba Satellite A50 will not boot

By lurks3
Jun 6, 2010
  1. Okay, well heres the story.

    I wanted to watch some movies on my laptop. I clicked on "My Computer", then the disc. When the disc folder opened up, I tried to click on my movie. The icon got highlighted, but the window wasn't responding after that. It was really fustrating, happened alot. So I thought it had something to do with the internal, like some dust somewhere. So I flipped my laptop over, and took it apart kinda. You see, the lap top has like 2 layers, and I only took apart the first layer. Which contained the CPU, Heatsink, and battery and some other stuff but I don't know what they are. The hard drive and optical drives wern't on this layer. Anyways, I got to the heatsink, which was attached to the CPU. I cleaned out some dust from the heatsink, then I took it off. It was connected to the CPU with this greasy blue stuff. At the time I didn't know it was the CPU, so I took it off. It was connected by thousands of little pins. Then I put it all back together, and found that when I pressed the power button, the computer didn't turn on. The lights down the bottom were fine, such as the power plug light, the battery light. So I took apart the laptop again, I took the CPU out, and put it back in, then the laptop booted up, and made some sound like vrrmmmm vrmmmm. Then the sound died out, there was nothing on the screen whilst this was happening.I put everything back again, but now only one light was on. and that was the power plug light, and it was flashing. So now I don't know what to do, i've tried taking the CPU out and putting in again with no success. Please help

    You can see a pic of my laptop if you search on google
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