Toshiba satellite turns off when moved

By suzchamness
Jan 10, 2010
  1. My laptop,Toshiba Satellite A105 about three years old, has two problems. First, when running it randomly the screen clicks off. Seemingly the computer is off but the power light never goes out indicating the computer sis not turn off. This is especially true when you move around. That problem on its own, I would think its a loose connection.

    However, the other more aggervating problem is that the laptop will not turn on/boot up. With full battery power, plugged into the wall or not, the power led lights come on but the screen never does(not even a flash or backlight) and windows never boots because I never hear the start up sounds. When this happends there is power to external ports,i.e.USB ports. I hear the fan running and the CD drive being checked but nothing ever happends. I have to manually hold down the power button until the device powers down and retry startup. I can try for 20-30 minutes and then sddenly it boots up like nothing is wrong. I have checked my power save modes, run PC Diagnostics and run SpyBot, checked for malicious viruses. I have all avaliable updates for Windows XP. Nothing I do seems to show any sign of a problem and then suddenly, randomly the screen cuts off again.

    I am ready to open the laptop up and pull out everything but I wouldn't know what to look at. I have worked on desktops with my father growing up but I have no experience with looking inside a laptop. Any help would be appreciated.
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