Transferring all files from one portion to another portion of partitioned hard drive

By darthseculorum
Jun 11, 2005
  1. I built my own computer, keeping the CD-ROM drive, cd-rw drive, and hard drive. I had to reformat my old hard drive to get it to work. I installed XP Pro, and partitioned it into two parts, one 10 GBs, the other 20 GB. Windows installed on the 10 GB portion, and the 20 GB portion is empty. I would like to transfer all the files from the 10 GB portion to the 20 GB portion, but every time I try, it says I cannot because the system files are in use. I would also like to transfer all files from a hard drive in a really old computer that I am giving to a relative so I don’t lose all those files, the old old hard drive is 7 gb, and runs windows 98. I would like to transfer the entire drive, including all system and personal files so I have two OSs on the new computer, to the 10 GB portion of the newer hard drive

    System specs on new computer:
    VA-20 motherboard
    2700+ Semperon CPU
    512 ddr pc2700 ram

    specs on old computer:
    900mhz Celeron
    128mb upgraded to 256mb pc100
    hp manufacturer
    30 GB samsung hard drive
    bought in 2001

    Specs on old old computer
    333mhz PII(I think)
    64 MB ram
    packard bell manufacturer
    7 GB fujitsu hard drive
    bought in 1998

    both hard drives are IDE
  2. Samstoned

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    If you have not loaded a lot of programs yet ,
    I suggest the easiest way is reload the xp to the 2nd partition
    that will get you dual boot.
    as you add programs ghost them to the 2nd OS
    the copying of the other drive is little simpler
    get seagate harddrive utility connect up the 2nd drive as slave
    copy to the drive letter of your 2nd partition
    no OS is running on 2nd drive you should be OK
    ps watch out on startup XP may not like the file struction of this drive get ready to abort chkdsk ,you don't want this to run
    as the other drive is probubly DOS file system

    Please read!!!!
  3. darthseculorum

    darthseculorum TS Rookie Topic Starter

    okay, I just got back from disconnecting my cd drives, and putting the Windows 98 SE hard drive as the only thing on the first IDE channel, and putting the partitioned XP Pro hard drive as the only thing on the 2nd IDE channel. It loaded Windows 98 SE, so I was going to try copying all the files from the 10 GB portion to the 20 GB portion, BUT IT ONLY RECOGNISED THE 20 GB PORTION!!! If I could just fix this, I think I could copy the entire first portion to the 2nd portion, so can any one tell me how to fix this problem?

    If it comes to it, I could probably just transfer all my files from the old old hard drive to the 20 GB portion, but that would leave with an operating system that is on a hard drive that has only a few gigabytes free to install games, which was the entire point of me wanting to do this in the first place, because right now I can only have 1-2 newer games on my computer at a time.
  4. tdeg

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    Did you make your second partition NTFS?

    If so, that could be part of your issue.
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