Transport T1000 notebook will not boot

By abrink1
Jan 19, 2006
  1. Hopefully someone can help. My notebook recently died and I'm trying to find the cause. About a week ago it started rebooting on its own at random about once a day. Then a few days later when it would go into a reboot cycle, the video wouldn't come up but I could hear the fan running. At that point I could power down and power back up with no problem. Then yesterday when I tried to turn it on, the fan would turn on and the hard drive light would come on for 1 sec or so, then it sounded like it was trying to access the CD, then it would just sit with the fan running and nothing else power to the mouse (lights) or to the other common chassis lights. The power button will turn the fan off, but this is all I can do now. I have tried powering up with just the battery and just the AC, tried new memory, tried removing the CD, nothing. Any ideas out there? Do I have a fried motherboard or CPU?
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    Solution for dead T1000 laptop

    Wanted to post a solution to my own problem. After testing the CPU and power adapter, I discovered that there was an internal DC converter that was originally mistaken for a sound card. Once replaced, the laptop booted with no problems. So essentially, it was a power supply problem.
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