TRIM for IBM SSD messing up Kingston SSD 2nd drive?

By Row1
Apr 4, 2011
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  1. Hi - I have just gotten this computer put together with an Intel x25-m 80 GB ssd as boot primary drive, and a Kingston SSD 75 GB or something like that as 2nd drive, for programs.

    Everything was working fine. Then, I had to go mess it up. I downloaded the IBM SSD toolbox. I browsed the interweb for a little, then went to sleep. This morn, I went to see if everything was cool. The computer locked up on a webpage. Task manager would not come up. So, I unplugged and re-plugged. THe comp booted, but the disc check for the Kingston went really slow - hung up at "17%," then flashed through a list of sectors that apparently were bad.

    Could this be due to TRIM? Are there any secrets I should know about getting two SSDs to run in the same system? This is a gigabyte MB with an AMD AM3 605e quad CPU, with Win 7 Home Deluxe 64bit, and 4GB RAM. And, this survived "BurnInTest," and some other initial stuff. THX!
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    OK, thanks.

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