Trojan downloader

By Spike
Jan 23, 2004
  1. ok. Rarely does a virus get on my machine, what with having a firewall, AV, and a watchful eye.

    Unfortunately, someone has gone and downloaded that nasty piece of sofware, Internet Optimiser. I couldn't be bothered to get rid of it at th time, but in last nights virus scan it showed up in big red letters..... TROJAN DOWNLOADER.DYFICA.T

    Just try searching for information on it!

    There's a dyfica.d, dyfica.h.... None of them seem to be listed in virus encyclopedias!!, theres a mention of a few versions in a few forums (but not mine!), Grisoft (AVG) say they've added support for a version of it in their avg 7.0 update last october but have no information on it.

    Strangely, Last night, just before I sacnned, Sygate personal firewall pro recorded an outside attack from the RED ALERT virus. The active response blocked it for 600 seconds. 10 mins after that it tried again! Coincidence ????? Trust me to get a trojan nobody knows about. It currently resides in my virus vault.

    Another unrelated but interesting thing, is that most times I connect to that horrid aol service, just as it connects, my firewall pops up with... "DCE BIND to potentially vunerable RPC DCOM interface attempt detected", and "RPC DCOM buffer overflow attempt detected" Given I'm running a fully updated XP Pro SP1, with updated virus definitions, is it possible that with all these other people with RPC problems, that there is a new, but weak variant of Blaster out there? Just a thought
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