Trouble using site w/ Java & Flash with IE6

By bryan829
Sep 20, 2007
  1. I was trying to do on online course that requires Jave and Flash. I have both installed but still keep getting errors. Page will come up but when i click on any interactive tabs(next, sound, scroll, etc) the page locks up and generates an error report to send to Microsoft.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled both Flash and Java, with restarts inbetween, made sure to upgrade to newest versions and still crashes when I interact with coarse site. I am using IE6, prefer it over 7, and dont seem to have trouble anywhere else. Can some1 please help me. I need to take this course tonight? Thanks in advance! Bryan
  2. bryan829

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    Tried a few things to fix it myself: installed Mozilla firefox-did not work, site not compatible with Mozilla,,upgraded to IE7-still nothing,,, read a post where google toolbar interferred with some apps using mshtml or similar, removed google toolbar, Everything has worked fine since! Cant explain it but it worked, maybe this will help some1 else later!
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