Trying to set up a new SATA hard drive

By RedHammer
Feb 21, 2006
  1. I needed to see if anybody might could help me. I recently built a new machine with the following specs:

    ECS 848P-A7, here's a link to it:

    I've got a P4 2.66ghz processer with 1gig of RAM.

    I've got one WD 160 drive currently running as my OS drive, on one of the IDE controllers, the other IDE controllers are running my DVD Burner and a CDROM.

    This board has two onboard SATA ports. I recently purchaced a Maxtor 300gig SATA drive to use either at a data drive, or as my OS drive. My issue is as follows:

    In the BIOS, I do not think that the SATA port is showing up as SATA. There is a selection that says "SATA MODE" and it is showing IDE. This option is NOT selectable, simply appears to be greyed out. I have sevaral selections for the port, disable, auto, enhanced, combined, SATA only. Any of these selections do NOT change this setting. I am running WinXP Pro w/SP2 and I am not seeing any SATA drivers liseted in device manager. I've gotten the drivers from the website, created the "F6" floppy, loaded XP to it, and it still doesn't show up as a SATA controller. I'm new to the whole SATA drive world so I'm curious as to what I should be seeing, and how I can fix the issue I'm having. It also appears that I have the newest BIOS for my motherboard. Any ideas are greatly apprecieated.

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