TV connections for a PS3

By hatesbluescreen
May 19, 2008
  1. Hi!
    I'm thinking of buying a PS3 and was just wondering if anybody knew if I can use the RF connetion on my PS2 for my PS3 or do I need to by a seperate cable for the PS3?
    The connection on the back of my TV (witch is pritty old. About a 10 year old Philips Magnavox I think) is the one were you have to screw the connection in not the red, white, and yellow connection.

    Thanks for any info! ^_^
  2. kuksoolkid

    kuksoolkid TS Rookie

    I had some what of the same problem. I had a Connection where you had to screw it in and my PS2 connection cable DID NOT work. I had to hook it up to another TV in my house. I think you would have to search for a different cable for the PS3
  3. hatesbluescreen

    hatesbluescreen TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

  4. kuksoolkid

    kuksoolkid TS Rookie

    Ya I personally think the PS3 is a good buy because of all the many things you can do on it.
  5. mopar man

    mopar man TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,379

    It uses the same cables as the PS2, but if they are shaped oddly it may not fit.
  6. Myzz617

    Myzz617 TS Maniac Posts: 369

    Since your TV is ancient I think you might have to buy a RF modulator which will turn your AV red white yellow connection and convert it into the coax cable.

    The link you posted is for people like me who are going to buy a reciever and want the HD sound quality thus using the 24K rounded connections for better output. If you dont have AV connections on your TV your going to have to buy a RF modulator. I would call Best buy or CC to make sure this will actually work.
  7. hatesbluescreen

    hatesbluescreen TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    I just bought a PS3 2 days ago and the connection from my PS2 works fine on it! Well the quallity isn't as good as a HDTV (obviously) but oh well. The graphics still kick rock! I've been playing around with it and I think its awsome! The crazy thing is it can network with my PC! I never knew that! I think the systems great so far! Now alls I need is a 2GB Memory card for my PSP so I can use it with my PS3.
  8. Myzz617

    Myzz617 TS Maniac Posts: 369

    YEa i think im going to buy a new PSP as the one i have will not connect to any WIFI network. I also need a new stick like you and you can basically remote into your PS3 with your PSP and eventually you will be able to play PS3 games through it.
  9. hatesbluescreen

    hatesbluescreen TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    Yeah I got my PSP when it basically first came out. At that time there was BARALY anything to do with it. Now I finally have a reason to use it. Lol
    I got Sonic for my PS3 yesterday. I still can't believe how good the graphics are even if my TV is ancient! Makes me wonder what it looks like on a 1080p!
  10. It looks awesome on 720p so i am sure 1080p will look better
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