Unable to remove virus from flash drive

By spkenny
Jan 19, 2013
  1. I recently helped a customer to clean their computer with some scans. I keep programs like malwarebytes, etc as a standard on a flash drive, in case I have to install a particular program. What I found after cleaning the computer, was a virus had made its way onto my flash drive. A couple videos, 1 called x, and the other something to do with porn I did not see on my flash drive before. Also, every .exe install program, photos, or other items I had on this flash drive were all reading 250kb in size, even a 355 mb family film I had put on there earlier in the year. Long story short, I have formatted this flash drive 3 times, and when I plug in the drive, at first it is blank, but then norton pops up a block on an attempt to change something on the computer, and that x video along with 4 other items pop back up. Is there a way to simply scrub the flash drive, not just format it? Or do I need to throw this flash drive away? I have scanned fully with kaspersky, Norton, Webroot, Nod32, malwarebytes.
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    First of all there a chance that you actually infected your computer by plugging infected USB drive.

    Does Norton say anything about threat location? USB flash drive or your computer?
    When you look at the USB drive is it empty after formatting?
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