Unable to select windows 2000 from startup after windows XP was installed. Critical!!

By Lynxolas
Aug 3, 2007
  1. Hello guys. My name is Pranav. I live in Florida. I work at a motel, but a very good one with kind people. Big computer problem.Please help.

    I wanted to install windows XP into my Dell desktop with windows 2000 ( I think professional). So I put in the cd and I installed it then it restarted the computer and asked about which partition to install into. I picked the one with more memory (I also did this so in case windows XP crash, I still had windows 2000). Then it installed all the way and it logged into windows XP. But the resolution was horrible so I tried to increase and adjust it by going into properties. It would not let me so I had no choice but to restart. When I did, at startup, a selection message came saying I could pick windows xp or windows 2000. But my arrow would not go down, matter of fact it said when I press enter then a countdown will begin but windows xp was automatically selected. I couldn't even go into F8. I could only go into F2 and F12. So I restarted and restarted but nothing happened. Then I tried to reinstall XP in the hope that it would give me an uninstallation choice, but there was no hope. So now I come to you my friends and I ask for your help. Did I install XP wrong? Was partitioning not such a good idea? Please give me a solution. I tried to explain the situation as good as I could but I will explain it more if you need me to. I just want to get windows 2000 back and know how to install XP properly.

    Thank-you for all you help.

  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    If your Kb is a USB style . Go into Bios setup and make sure 'allow legacy devices on USB' (Wording is paraphrased) That should allow your Kb to move the arrow at OS choice screen.
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