Unfindable dll?

By studey1983
Sep 8, 2010
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  1. Note:new to the boards,please forgive if I'm in the wrong place.

    I just had internet service installed and my anti virus license had expired about a month ago so on around day 3 I decided to try out avast. After doing a scan I had some errors and although I always choose quarantine, I feel like i must have clicked delete on one or something because now I'm missing a dll which is causing my computer to crash on start up. Its been 2 days and today I've been able to get through startup by opening task manager and closing nearly all running processes, which brings my cpu usage down from 100%. Also if I don't close the error box it will freeze in task manager.

    I've been searching for most of the day to troubleshoot as much as I could and this seemed an appropriate place to ask for help. The error on start up I'm recieving is something like missing C:/users/daddy/appdata/local.....enscsh.dll. I cannot find the dll file anywhere online and many of the sites where i see dll file finders or repair missing dll seem sketchy and I'm in deep enough as it is.

    I uninstalled avast and some other programs that I know I don't use as well. I was running that coupled with full version spyware doctor, along with threatfire, windows defender, spybot S&D, and registry defense (haven't ran in a while). I don't know if this helps toward a solution or not. If anyone could help I'd appreciate
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    Can you boot in safe mode? (You can do so by pressing F8, once POST is completed)

    I am unsure which program/process uses this DLL.

    It may be a case of Virus/Malware infection. Please follow these 8-steps, and post your logs in Virus & Malware Removal Forum.

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