UnrealEngine3 NV40 Video

By Nic
May 19, 2004
  1. Check out this awsome demo of Epic's Unreal 3 Engine. This looks like it will blow Doom 3 and Half Life clean out the water. Apparently it needs a graphics card with the power of Nvidia 6800 series (NV40) to run smoothly. Totally awsome :eek: ...

    UnrealEngine3 NV40 Video (~12.8MB)
  2. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    From what I've heard of that engine it'll blow both Source and the D3 engine out of the water...

    Of course, it won't be out until 2006....
    Tim Sweeney, who's one of the main programmers, has said that you'll need a graphics card with 512mb of ram, and preferably a graphics card with 1GB ram!!! :eek:

    Guess I'll have to upgrade a couple of times before that...
  3. Godataloss

    Godataloss TS Rookie Posts: 482

    That presentation is a couple weeks old- there is also a version that wasnt filmed by a crack-head.

    Got it in 36 seconds, yeh- File Front!
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