Unrecoverable graphics driver error

By Veinkiller
Feb 23, 2007
  1. I will be playing guild wars and i will get this message saying...
    Guild Wars has encounterd an unrecoreable graphics driver error and must terminate.
    I am able to do every thing until i try to go into one area i have already tried the tech support at the guild wars web site. But al they do is tell me to upgrade the video card taht doesnt help at all, infact when i downgraded my graphics card the promblem was fixed. The question i have here is that where can i find the website to upgrade/downgrade my intel R video card so taht i may start playing again. Also is you can think of something else that may be causing this please say. Thank you in advance.
    can someone please help me i have been wanting to play GW for a long time...
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