Unsafe Firefox

By tonylukac
Dec 13, 2008
  1. Firefox' authors claim it is the safest browsing experience around. I wish to complain about it. Internet explorer lets you set your security level to high, which prevents active x controls from running downloading malware. There doesn't seem to be any way to stop active x controls from running in firefox. Recently, an ad on completely closed the firefox browser and started running a fake scan on my computer. Just today, an ad on the chicago tribune website downloaded a virus/malware on firefox. I even have spyware blaster running, but perhaps javacool is not up to snuff anymore. In vista, internet explorer runs in protected mode, which absolutely prevents malware from installing via drive by downloads. Firefox has no such protected mode. I'm switching back to internet explorer, since firefox is quite an unsafe experience.
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    Sorry to hear you don't care for Firefox. I have been using it for over four years, safely. It appears you weren't aware of the add-ons you can use to customize Firefox, add-ons such as AdBlock Plus and Easy List. No Script or Flaskblock and so on.

    And please don't blame Firefox for what happened when you clicked on <<>>. I gave that site three minutes to load and it never finished, so likely mt security prevented it.

    Firefox is very customizable, but it is in a different way.

    And not matter which browser you use or how much protection you have, it all comes down to the habits of the user. If you expose yourself to dangerous territory, eventually you're going to get burned! But it will be sooner on IE than on Firefox!
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    Thank you

    Thank you for telling me about adblock plus. Its just what I was praying for. I guess internet explorer couldnt have such a thing.
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