Upgrading to Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit OS

By Babtanian
Mar 6, 2008
  1. Due to a variety of issues with my new Dell XPS, it looks like I need to do a full re-install of Windows Vista Ultimate. Dell doesn't offer anything but the 32-Bit versions of Vista, but if I'm going to invest the time of a full backup, OS re-install, and software re-installs, I would like to upgrade to the 64-Bit version.

    I had a Power Mac G5 Dual 2 GHz before purchasing the XPS and I would eventually like to install 8 GB RAM over the 4 GB I have now. Of course, I need the 64-Bit OS to do that. Dell XPS support has informed that my hardware is more than adequate for the 64-Bit version, but that there are not available drivers for my hardware to accomodate it.

    I spent about 4K on the machine with the best of what they had to offer only a month ago. I figure that people are certainly running Windows Vista Ultimate in the 64-Bit version. Can anyone advise me what is needed to get this done on a new XPS 720 system?

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