USB 3.0: What You Need To Know

By Julio Franco
Dec 30, 2009
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  1. Darth Shiv

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    Firewire to my knowledge has some rather large security issues due to DMA. Just google Adam Boileau. Haven't heard of it getting fixed at all. Also see
  2. They do speed tests on External hard drives equipped with USB 3?
    3 Refer a USB 3.0 HDD.
  3. I see a few cooments in here I'm confused about?
    1. DarkCobra said USB 3.0 is 3GB transfer? Searches tell me USB 3.0 promises a theoretical maximum rate of 5Gbps. If DarkCobra is right Big with 3 GB (using a big B meaning Bytes) over the stated 5 Giga bits per second that would be sweet however incorrect in both cases.
    2. DarkCobra said, Light Peak Technology" (fiber optic connection wires) will more than likely replace 3.0. Huh, interesting but Dark, can you tell me how practical fiber would be to a home user? Since fiber optices cable core is made of glass and can break fairly easy i do not think this would ever replace twisted pair cable for attaching devices for the basic home user. In a corporate where wire stationary hard drives yes but for my passport never!
    3. JudaZ, lol, if FireWire is better why is Apple going from Firewire to USB 3.0? 1 reason not only is USB 3.0 faster, firewire can not provide power to devices like my WD passport the needs power to run supplied through the USB, So you have fun with your left behing firewire.

    I'm curious about e-sata. faster then USB 2.0 but then USB 3.0 came out and is faster than e-sata. Is e-sata going to advance or though great new tech it's in the past already?

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