USB Not Recognising Anything - but Power still going to them? Help! Whodunnit?

By scudmissile
Jul 14, 2005
  1. Tried posting this as reply to other thread but don't think the title was too relevant to my problem...

    After a electrical storm my usb connected ADSL modem would not work at all, the indicator LED on the front showed nothing, not even the RED not connected, however it does still continue to get warm when connected??

    However this is a minor side issue to the main point that none of my usb ports recognise anything being plugged in any more! i have usb ports both front and back, the 4 on the back being connected by two different cards. All of them provide power and are listed under Device Manager, however none of them are recognised when I plug in peripherals such as gamepad, camera etc

    I have tried reinstalling them, deleting them out of Device Manager and letting Xp reinstall them which it happily does. Device Manager suggests no issues, but still it never recognises when I plug anything in.

    A vague theory I have is that a lightning strike caused a power surge down telephone wire which surged the usb port the ADSL modem was connected to which has somehow taken the others down? Is that even plausible? I'm not sure...which is why I'm asking you guys!!!

    Please help, I'm desperate and frustrated!!! (I wont make the "and my computers not working!" joke here...)
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