Use Lenovo as a handsfree for my Sony Ericsson K750i in Windows 7

By bewithkarthi
Nov 26, 2009
  1. I was using SE K750i with Mac OS X. Now I have bought a new Lenovo G550 Laptop with Windows 7.I was using BluePhoneElite on Mac to sync and that has following features.

    Dial and receive calls

    * Use your computer's microphone and speakers like a Bluetooth hands-free device!
    * Phone to computer
    call-log synchronization
    * Incoming call notification with caller ID and customizable alerts
    * On-screen call controls and duration tracking
    * Search and export call details with notes

    Manage text messages

    * Access messages when phone is not connected
    * Message changes synchronize when phone connects
    * Organize messages in local folders
    * Incoming message notification
    * Searchable database supports 100,000+ messages

    Integrate and customize

    * Extendable plug-in architecture
    * Phone number lookup from most Bluetooth phones and Apple's Address Book application
    * Integration with OS X features: AppleScript, Spotlight, Speech Synthesis and more...
    * Integration with Apple apps: Address Book, iCal, iChat, iTunes and more...
    * Status menu and programmable hot-keys provide fast access from any application

    visit for more details

    In this main feature was

    Use your computer's microphone and speakers like a Bluetooth hands-free device!

    Remaining features we use to get it in many mobile sync softwares.

    With this feature I use to sync via bluetooth and I will use the mic and speaker of my mac to talk over phone. I can put my SE K750i for charging and sit in my mac and talk in Microphone of Mac.

    I am looking alternative software like this for Windows 7.

    I should use my Lenovo G550 Mic and speaker to talk in my mobile

    Thanks in Advance
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