Use Windows backup utility to make a bootable drive?

  1. I was reading my computer textbook, and it was covering backups. It said that that the utility can backup all of the system state and any files, including the boot files and the registry. Does anyone know if that could be used to make a bootable drive or partition?

    Also, if you have any advice or tips about backing up the C drive or creating a new bootable drive, please share.

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    I don't use Windows backup tool myself, but the approach is generally the same for all the backup products that allow you to back up and restore system images (e.g. a disk image and/or system state you can restore after a hard drive or system crash)

    System images are not bootable. Rather, you need a recovery disk for your backup product. If your drive crashes, you boot using the recovery disk which boots your machine and will provide you with restore menu options. Then you can restore a backup system image to a new HD, if needed

    For more about Windows 7, see HERE and note when you boot from a Windows 7 recovery disk, it offers you a System Image Recovery option

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