Verizon FiOS wireless router locks up PC

By pppbedz
Jun 7, 2010
  1. I have had issues with my Verizon Fios (wireless) for the past year. The owner of my building would not allow Verizon to drill into building so I had to go wireless. The router is in my living room. The PC is located in an upstairs bedroom. I am having sporadic issues with my pc freezing/locking up. I have to crash and reboot. Sometimes it happens successively, and other times it is relatively stable. I have done virus scans, etc to make sure the issue is not with my PC. I have noticed that it is more prevalent when my neighbor is home. I did not have these issues prior to installing FIOS (I had DSL). Verizon has been pretty useless with regards to helping me correct the problem. I am very furstrated. Is there any way to work with my current configuration to achieve a more stable connection? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Note: I have tried logging into the router and switching channels.
  2. mailpup

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    I don't know if I know the answer but what router are you using and what wireless adapter are you using? What standard are you using? 802.11g or...? Just some info to get started.
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