Video Card problem?

By RiceMunkey
Mar 12, 2008
  1. Sorry guys, im new to this board and im not sure where this subject goes, move if necessary.

    I recently have a problem with my video card. Last night, i was playing games on my 8600 gt happily. I turned off my computer normally, and the next morning, the computer took a while to start up. When it starts up, it ran on my onboard video card (6100) for some reason. Can someone help me on why this is happening?

    I have a Gateway computer and i have no idea how to change my bio's settings ><

    I've read, there could be something wrong with my mobo, like i fried it or so. i have a 500 watt psu, so i dont think it's a problem.

    someone help me please, and thank you all
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,266   +92

    Reseat your 8600GT.

    If your motherboard were "fried", your system wouldn't power on. Furthermore, wouldn't necessarily be the direct cause of your PSU and the wattage of your PSU would be irrelevant anyway. If anything is physically damaged, it'd probably be the VPU itself, the 12v rail going to the VPU, or the PCI-E slot (which is pretty uncommon as far as I know).

    As my signature suggests, nobody here is psychic, fork some details over (starting with the model of your PC) if you want specific details on how to navigate your BIOS.
  3. RiceMunkey

    RiceMunkey TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hm, in my bios, there are a few options, but i think these are the two i should tell you guys about:

    Inside integrated peripherals. there is IDE Function Setup, onchip USB, HD Audio, Mac Lan, Onboard 1394 controller, onboard serial port 1, onboard parallel port, and parallel port mode.

    In Advanced chipset features, there is Frame Buffer size, CPU spread spectrum, PCIE spread spectrum, SATA spread spectrum, H spread spectrum, SSE/SSE2 instructions, and CPU thermal throttling.

    Also, are there chances that my video card might have damaged my system or motherboard in some way, so that they can't be read?
  4. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,266   +92

    You still haven't given the model of your PC.

    There should be an option (maybe in the "Advanced Chipset Features") to set your PCI-E card as the default.

    If you're concerned about your 9600GT being defective, try it in another PC.
  5. RiceMunkey

    RiceMunkey TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My bad, i dont know how to find the model of my pc ><. I have two of the same computers (yeah i have a reason) and i used my 8600 on that before and it worked. Then the same thing happened, the card stopped working and resorted to using the 6100. i switched over to the other computer and it started working again, but now...the same situation happened.
  6. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,266   +92

    Look around on your PC for a model number, post that along with the brand.

    Not sure why it's doing that to you but I would guess that it's the way you have the BIOS/Windows configured if both PC's did it. Odds are slim that both motherboards are malfunctioning in the exact same way.

    If you post the brand/model I'll take a look through your PC's manual if I can.
  7. RiceMunkey

    RiceMunkey TS Rookie Topic Starter

    kk,i found it.

    Gateway: GT4023E
    S/NO: CCH65 A10 00425

  8. RiceMunkey

    RiceMunkey TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh yeah, where can i find the manual to my computer model?
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