Video card problems

By Ampacity
Aug 28, 2005
  1. My computer will not start when i put in new card!!!

    Hi i have a very bad problem. my computer Emachine T3085 will not start up every time i press the power button. I just installed a (WORKING) Nnidia 5600 256 MB card pulled from my old gaming system due to it being outdated. As i said before now that the card is in it will not boot up or power the USB mouse i have. The HD lite comes on and stays on. I have freshly reinstalled and added new drivers and tried others. the Mobo is a Nforce 2 icp. but i suspect the problem is that it is an emachine or a weak power susply. If i remove the card all is well with the Mx 440 intergated Graphics Runs great starts everytime no Problems once so every. if u need any information just place it here, or msg me on msn. thanks i really needs some help here .

    oh no not again....

    well i called Emachines Guys... they said that this model mobo has a short in the agp. .... :( sadness. well can u guys help i think i may have gave the wrong mobo its a Nvidia Nforce mcp-t anyway i don't know what to do. with my old gamer out of the picture due to my little brother who doesn't listen. i did test the Vid card in the other computer a HP it worked great. i just don't understand the whole short thing, i put my matrox dual head Video card in and it worked rebooted the works everything 8 times in a row with no errors maybe its the 5600 any of u every had ro seen troble with this card?
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