Video card RMA...what a problem

By JohnK93
Jan 3, 2006
  1. Hey,
    If this is inappropriate for this forum, please let me know, but I had to vent about my experience with Newegg. I RMA'd a video card (eVGA 7800GT)becuase the fan died after a few days. In searching for the problem, the serial label came off of the card in pieces, so I affixed it to the paperwork with the card and sent it all back to Newegg. Then they say that they can't find the serial label on the card so they're sending it back to me! I'll take the blame for removing the label on the card, but I did send it back (with the label in pieces)...I doubt they even opened the package. :mad:

    Not to mention the delay due to the holidays has been a real pain in the neck too (three weeks since I shipped the product back, and I just got the response today). I really expected better service from them...everyone seems to love them. Am I just hitting a string of bad luck here?

    OK, deep breaths. Thanks for listening.

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