Video Problems

By santanadrums
Jun 21, 2007
  1. Okay I am having the hardest time to figure out my computer. I have several problems with it that may all boil down to one simple problem. The only thing is I dont know what it is.
    Here are the problems that I have been having.
    1. My dvds are now choppy and stuttering. My downloaded videos are fine but my dvds are cleaned and still having problems. I installed 1gb ram in my computer and everything worked again. I do not understand why I need more ram now when it worked great before. I played my videos and after a while it seemed like the problem came back again when the computer fan went louder. I am guessing it got hot inside.
    2. I seem to be having a problem when I turn on my computer. At times I will turn it off and the computer light stays on but the monitor hibernates. I will boot it up again and only the fan and the light go on but the monitor does not seems like its on sleep mode. I mess around with it by turning it on and off and then it says "no signal". I then find myself cold booting it afterwards and then everything is fine. This is a pattern that always happens to me. (Turn on, Nothing happens, Cold boot, Something happens...ect.)
    3. I feel this is a heating issue, but why all of the sudden do I have this problem. I also do have a new video card that I installed months ago but it has worked all up until now if that is the problem.
    4. Can anyone help me out with this. Maybe some suggestions? Could it be a video card problem? a heating problem? virus and if so why now?
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