Video surveillance

By TorturedChaos
Jun 28, 2010
  1. Originally posted this in the off-topic because I wasn't sure where to put it. But no one seem to pay much attention to it. So I guess it can go here, with a bit of a strech :p. If not I'm sorry. So any ways.... boss has tasked me with finding a video surveillance setup for our other store, unfortunately I don't know much about it, so I'm turning to the wonderful Techspot community to help me out. I was hoping if I gave you guys & gals the specs I need for it someone would point me in the write direction who has had to deal with any of these before :p.

    Ok So here it goes:

    - Only need 4 cameras
    - It HAS to be remotely accessible from any computer with web access. We have a Q-See QSD2308L right now in our shop and I hate the remote web interface. Its so clunky, and crashes IE all the time. And you can only run it in IE.....
    - Preferably color recording in the day.
    - Being able to get audio would be nice too, but not necessary.

    Boss originally wanted 1 or 2 of the camera's to have PTZ, but after some research I think they will be to expensive.

    That should do it.

    I spent some time on newegg looking over their selection but I didn't really see any that said if they did color or not, and most looked like they couldn't do the PTZ.. That and a lot of the terms went over my head .

    And as far as budget I have about $1000 to $1300 to work with.

    Thanks In advance for any help.
  2. nismo91

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  3. TorturedChaos

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    Thanks. I hadn't thought about wireless. Was mostly looking at the 4 camera kits DYI newegg had. I will have to think about wireless.
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