Video Wont Load

By ChiCubs05
Dec 5, 2006
  1. my friend burnt me a disk full of files with after extracted produced 2 CD folders and in each folder there was a small cue file and a large bin file. the cue file shows up to be a PowerISO file, so i open it and then burn...power iso creates a temporary iso and then the write process is completed. the problem is the video cd wont play...either one

    a section on the cd shows that the video is mpeg2, so i downloaded a mpeg 2 player...EleCard...but it wont open up...should i try burning it a different way or what...just trying to get it to open up in a dvd player or computer dvd drive. thanks all
  2. Rik

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    Sounds like it could be copyrighted and therefore illegal to copy!!!!
  3. ChiCubs05

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    oh...good thing i couldnt get it to work bad fellas
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