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By yangly18
Jan 25, 2010
  1. I've been catching up on some naruto shippuden recently. All the files I have are in .MKV format, and since WMP doesn't recognise the subs on the video, I'm using the Classic Player. Problem is, I open up the video, it plays fine for about 3 or 4 minutes, then the audio keeps playing and the video starts to get out of sync, like it's lagging. It gets so bad I can't even watch it. I was thinking about downloading VLC, but my internet is down at home right now. Any suggestions, maby there are settings i can change to help?

    Also, I do have a virus scan running, but that shouldn't make it lag out like this, since i tried opening it up in WMP and it plays fine, just without subs.

    EDIT: Took a look at some of the video information, and it's not great at all.
    Framerate: 18-21
    Sync offset: avg: ~170ms dev: ~365ms
    Frames ( after approx 10 mins): drawn: 6000 Dropped: 1875
    Jitter: 95ms
    Bitrate avg: 23Kb/s
    I also noticed that there are 3 buffers, and the 3rd isn't doing anything at all, not sure if it is or not

    so basically what I'm seeing is that it's dropping approximatly 1/4 of the frames, for what reason I have no clue.
  2. ucould2

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  3. yangly18

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    naruto shippuden is an anime series, made in japan, so it has subtitles for all us english speaking folk.
  4. ucould2

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    Wiki references "Multiple Kill Vehicle"

    Are you eating Popcorn & watching your "naruto shippuden" yet?
  5. yangly18

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    yes, I found a new player that's better, it works mouch more smoothly. It might have been codecs....
  6. Archean

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    MPC-HC x86/x64 handles MKV (some of the MKVs i have are about 5+ GB and yet i never had any issues) or just about any video format just fine. I think it probably some sort of settings (filters etc) issue.
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