Virtumonde.sdn virus, can't remove it

By kelbelle17
Jul 15, 2009
  1. hi i really hope someone can help, because this virus is driving me insane. I recieved an email in my facebook inbox, which i opened, it was a video but it said i needed to update my flash settings or something, i clicked update, but i didnt finish updating because i thought it was fishy. but now i have a virus, i used spybot and it says its called virtumonde.sdn. there are 2 of them, one which i removed with spybit using admin privledges, but i cant get rid of the other one. but now everytime i do a scan the one i deleted comes back. i have been trying for 2 days to get rid of them. but im finding it impossible. i tried to download malwarebytes, but when i save it to my computer its not in the place where i saved it to. so i cant find it or use it. its driving me insane. im not that good with the technical side of computers, but if someone could give me any instructions to get rid of this thing, i would be sooooo grateful. thanks.

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