By dash3475
Aug 29, 2008
  1. this a nasty one my download computer which i use for movies and music) has been infected with this virus/trojan. xsoft se, spyware doctor, nortons,search and desroy and a few others cannot even detect it. after a full scan.they say the computer has no problems. i know that it is not right. it affects the ie so i am unable to use emails or access even google without this sending up messeges of my computer being infected and redirects it to a bogus site. anyone out there have the same problem and if they got rid of it how did they thanks
  2. strac27

    strac27 TS Rookie Posts: 22

    Well I have had this problem loads of times when downloading I get myself a friend that is happy to lend me his pc so I can stick my hdd in his pc and do a virus scan so leave the hdd off for 1 week so new virus defenitions are made for new virus's and DON'T update them on your hdd or operating system because the virus can change or take away itself on your hdd so the virus scanner doesn't find it ye but get your friend to update his anti virus scanner without the hdd in then put the hdd in and virus scan it and tell us here what it find if anything ok and thats how I got rid of my virus's.
  3. dash3475

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    thanks i will try that
  4. strac27

    strac27 TS Rookie Posts: 22

    So did you find anything?
  5. dash3475

    dash3475 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I installed an anti virus prog from trend micro systems. after doing a dozen scans it could not detect it. i let my computer run with atuomactic updates and scans for a few days and this prog picked up the trojan/virus and got rid of it then. (well it is gone and my pc is running as well as possible) I will have to pay for this after a 1 month trial if i want to keep it. i will not be downloading any third party files of my utorrent browser again.(the ones that require another download after the 1st one)
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