Virus in flash drive and SD cards

By pika22691
Jan 1, 2009
  1. The other day I inserted an SD from a camera and found a weird file named "forever". I tried to open it and when I clicked on it, AVG antivirus detected a virus. I thought AVG removed it and took out the SD. Today I found a .exe file named "forever.exe" in my flash drive. The icon of the file was changing between a folder icon and a window icon. After that it just disappeared. I went to folder options and enabled showing hidden files/folders, but I did not see the file. I then scanned the flash drive using AVG. I saw the forever.exe in the scanned items, but AVG did not consider it as a threat. I formatted the flash drive and then used cipher.exe to zero fill it, but the file was still there. Is there a way to remove it from the SD and flash drive?

    By the way, although my computer is infected, I am planning to delete all the partitions and clean install windows XP. Will this remove the viruses?


    Edit: I managed to delete the .exe file permanently by using command prompt. Hopefully it is gone for good.
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