Vista Administrator Password-Locked out of computer

By DeanaFeral
Sep 29, 2013
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  1. I tried to change my administrator password- the only account on the computer- and while doing so- something went wrong. It took a very long time and then finally an "unable to change password" message popped up. My computer then went dead. After turning it back, both the new and old passwords will not work. I cannot get into my computer at all. I tried the previous password as well as the new, which I absolutely know that I typed in correctly as I had to re-enter the password to match. I've tried safemode, I've tried burning ophcrack onto a cd- I went in and changed the boot options in my system settings to make it so the CD drive was first. I put the CD in and... nothing happened. I have some papers due that are on my computer and desperately need in.

    Please please please- someone explain this to me. I am not computer savvy.

    thanks in advance for any help :'(
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