Vista can't run chkdsk

By vistablues
Oct 7, 2009
  1. I am a novice and have an Inspiron 1525 that my 4 y.o. son shut down while it was running some programs. I started getting lock-ups and error messages. I then ran diagnostics and found error codes 2000-0142 and 0146. Dell (from India immediately said I need a new hard drive and would send one for two day arrival.

    I am able to go in under safe mode with networking, as I am right now with no lock ups or problems.

    I'd like to run chkdsk as the error messges told me to and then attempt to recover back to a recovery point from the day before the shut down occured.

    I have online backup through carbonite and have backed up all my files to an external drive.

    Any tips on how to run chkdsk before windows launches or other thoughts?

  2. LookinAround

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    See here

    Other option is running it from a bootable Vista recovery CD/DVD. But try the above first
  3. vistablues

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    Launched chkdsk but computer still failing

    Lookinaround, thank you. I tried that method from the command prompt and it still doidn't launch, but I was able to launch the repair function by tapping F8 when I rebooted and it came up as an option on the screen.

    It said it found errors and repaired them, I then was finally able to do a system restore to a previous point in time. I picked Oct. 1st, since that is at least two days before all of this started.

    I think it successfully did the restore to that date, but when I logged in this morning, I first got a BSOD that shut down immediately and then I logged in and things seemed ok, until it just froze up with IE running.

    I am now in safe mode and am thinking I should do a comlete system restore, but if I do that, I might as well just replace the hard drive when it comes.

    Any thoughts on other things to try or ideas on what the problem is?

    Thanks to all!
  4. LookinAround

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    When you say a complete system restore i assume you mean re-installing Vista?

    First, double check do you have the installation CDs for Vista? Are you thinking of doing it using what sounds like a recovery partition Dell might have installed on the HD?
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