Vista freezes with blank screen after the loading bar in startup.

By uemand
Nov 11, 2008
  1. Please help me.

    My Vista 32-bit Home Premium was installed recently.

    There is no problem in installing Vista even after several restart.
    After I shutdown and vista install updates, it fail on the next day.
    I could not startup my Vista.

    It will boot up usual with motherboard's brand screen with the function keys to enter bios and etc.
    It will run normal till it enters the loading part.
    The bar will scroll left and right per normal.
    After the loading bar, the harddisk will read for awhile, my mouse power would come on since the mouse will glow. Just after this, it will remain motionless with a blank screen for a long time.

    Computer hardware:
    Gigabyte EP-45-DS3
    Intel Core 2 Duo 8400
    XFX Nvidia 9800GT
    Kingston 2x1GB DDR2 1200
    ION 550W PSU
    Monitor CRT connected via 9pin vga cable with "adapter converter from DVI to 9pin" (not DVI).

    It will boot up usual with motherboard brand with the function to enter bios and etc.
    It will run normal with all controller screens enters the loading part.
    The bar will scroll left and right per normal.
    The harddisk will read for a while, my mouse power would come on since it will glow. Just after this, it will stuck there with a blank screen.
    You can only press the reset button to reset.

    Methods tried
    Starting in safe mode works.
    I immediately uninstall my graphic card driver.
    Restart and it was able to enter Vista with a standard VGA card driver.
    Install my original graphic card driver- Fail again
    Install latest Generic driver for 9800GT from Nvidia - Fail again
    Re-install Vista again but without install graphic card driver
    The system auto-install 64 updates again before shutdown.
    Next day, Vista unable to start up again at same point.
    Enter safe mode found graphic card installed.
    Uninstalled graphic card, restart succesfully.
    Proceed to installed vista SP1.
    Installed latest generic driver for 9800GT form Nvidia again.
    Restart no problem.
    Next day, fail to startup at same point again.
    Switch to another output port 2 (mine has dual DVI output)
    Successfully startup.
    Shutdown and startup after 15 -20 mins.
    Fail to start up at same point.
    Switch back to original DVI ouput port 1.
    Successfully startup.
    Next day start up, fail again.
    Switch DVI port, still fail to startup.
    Further switching of ports did not help.
    Borrowed LCD monitor connect via same way using different 9pin vga cable.
    Fail to start up at same point.
    Enter Safe mode, did a proper shutdown.
    Restart successfully.
    Next day, restart with LCD monitor - Fail!
    Tried on LCD TV PC input via another 9pin vga cable - Fail!
    The graphic card was removed and inspected good.
    Gaphic card fan was turning.
    There was also no red/lighted LED which specify sufficent power from PSU to graphic card via the 6pin connector.
    Graphic card was always installed on PCIEx16 slot.
    Startup again, this time it was successful.
    However, next day it fail again even after trying on different LCDs and Monitor.
    Graphic card now inserted to PCIEx8 slot.
    Starup successfully.
    Shutdown and startup still okay.
    I am waiting to return home to test again.

    Anyone knows what would be the best remedy?
    PCIE slot problem still unsure.
    However, it can startup without the Nvidia driver everytime.
    It did not have any strart up issues while using Window XP SP3.
    But I experience almost everytime Blue screen while playing Dota (WC3) so I decided to change to vista.

    Really appreciate any help..
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