Vista Laptop will not boot

By seanmcq
Aug 18, 2008
  1. Hi guys, this is my girlfriend's laptop so I'm typing some of this from what she has told me. She says she hasn't installed any hardware and the Windows Updates are set to automatic. She said she was using it last night and it just blue screened on her. She tried restarting a few times and everytime just where it got passed the password and onto the loading screen, it would blue screen again.

    I've got hold of the laptop and upon startup, I have got:

    I am unable to replicate the blue screen, as now when I select Start Windows Normally, it simply reboots, without even making it to the logon screen. I tried to boot in safe mode, but loads as far as crcdisk.sys and then restarts.

    If I use "Launch Startup Repair", it goes into the Startup repair menu fine and then says "Windows cannot repair this computer automatically" and then when I go into the details, it says "Root cause found: A patch is preventing the system from starting". I guess it's some sort of Windows Update which has caused this.

    I tried going into Advanced and using System Restore but it tells me that there are no restore points, even though I'm pretty sure System Restore was enabled and don't updates automatically create a restore point anyway?

    Is there any way of fixing this apart from completely reloading Windows?

    Help is appreciated! :)
  2. som1dies2nite

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    Do you have the Vista dvd that came with the system?
  3. kimsland

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