Vista Windows Update problem

By Spyke
Feb 10, 2008
  1. Hi all. I have been trying to run windows update and it has caused me some problems. I try and do so every week or so and it usually installs the updates fine and restarts no problem.

    I tried to install an update last week and when rebooting it seemed to go into an endless cycle where i got a never-ending "windows is shutting down" message. After half an hour i pressed the reboot switch and rebooted. I then got a never-ending "configuring updates" message. Eventually it ended but all processes ran in ultra-slow motion with stuttering. I rebooted into safe mode and ran system restore and all was fine.

    I tried to update again today, doing only one update at a time, and the same thing occured. Again i had to system restore. I now have a list of three important and three recommended updates to install, but i suspect it will play havoc with the system again. What should i do?

    my system is core2 6600 @ 2.4ghz, windoiws vista home premium, 2gb ram @ 533 mhz, pn5-e sli mobo, geforce 8800 gts 320mb.

    The updates quesed up are: update for windows vista (kb943899), update for windows vista (kb943302), update for windows junk mail e-mail filter (jan 2008[kb905866), windows malicious software removal tool - jan 2008 (kb890830), update for windows vista (kb943411), security update for windows vista (kb941644).

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