Visual Studio.Net 2003 on XP with SP2?

By fw2004
Oct 29, 2006
  1. Hi;
    I am having trouble installing Visual Studio.Net on a system running XP Pro with SP2.
    When setup starts to install, I get a warning that some files must be installed to folder "\D\.0
    There is no such folder, and attempts to create it are rejected by the file system (invalid folder name).
    I have had other issues trying to install this software.

    On another partition, I set up another install of XP Pro, but did not install SP2.
    I was successful in installing VS 2003 on that partition. Afterwards, I installed SP2 and everything works fine.

    Rather than switching back and forth between partitions, I would really like to get VS installed on my main partition.
    I had a trial copy of VS 2005, but it has expired and I do not wish to upgrade at this time, since my only purpose for VS now is for education.

    I have also looked at alternative C++ compilers that I can use for my lessons, but I really like Visual Studio better.

    Any ideas?



    P.s. Any way I could get an 'educational' copy of VS.Net 2005 really cheap (like around $100)?
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