Voice Activation in Counter Strike

By MarkW
Oct 28, 2002
  1. Please can someone tell me how to get this working. I have a microphone which works with my webcam and I have been into the config in Half Life and allocated a key. When I select the Tab key I am always the only person without the speaker option showing. Please email me
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    That is fine, it should be working if you set it up properly. This is always like that. If you do or don't have your microphone set up I am pretty sure I remember it not showing a mic symbol by your name. If you hit your button to start talking does it show you talking in the bottom corner? Let us know and we'll clarify.

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  3. MarkW

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    I have tried pressing the allocated keys etc I think my problem is a little more complicated. I think it is related to the error msg I get when I try and run that sound setup exe file in the half life folder. Something like no external wavetable(ish). I have checked that my sound card has duplex by playing an .mpg and recording my voice, it worked fine. I do not have a sound option for my modem, which I have herd can cause problems. I spend hours last night installing patches and trawling the web.. I'm stuck:(
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