Voice/Audio issue

By Anastacia
Aug 27, 2006
  1. Alright here's the deal..

    When I need to use the voice feature, then it barely recognizes my voice.
    But if I have the "Sound Hardware Test Wizard" running at the same time as my recorder and am at the #2nd step (microphone test or #3rd step - speaker test) ..then my recorder recognizes my voice easily and I can easily record/talk but as soon as I quit the "Sound Hardware Test Wizard" then it goes back to the same old story and barely recognizes my voice at all.
    If I'm at the #2nd step in the Sound Hardware Test Wizard and use the recorder then it's pretty better but if I go to #3rd step and keep that one open while using the recorder it simply works fantastic.
    So it seems that if I'm supposed to be able to actually be heard then I must always have the Sound Hardware Test Wizard open and running too with the other program :( any advice? and oh yes I'm using a Dell Latitude C840 if that helps
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