Wave Out Mix - Need help with making comp record input and output

By Jeimuzu
Oct 13, 2010
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  1. Just needing advice.

    I do not if maybe its too many USB sound devices affecting my recording software.

    When it was just my desktop mic, wave out mix was available.

    But now I have a Samnson C01U and a Logitech Webcam to help out with voice acting and other ventures.

    But I am actually about to start doing a podcast.
    But I need help making my PC be able to record input from myself, and record input from people on a Skype Audio conversation.

    But instead of just recording on my own comp, using a service known as uStream which would stream the input and output live as well as record it, of which the recording would then later be uploaded to podomatic and itunes later.

    But ustream will not allow me the wave out mix option, even though it is there, and I do not want to use my mic to record everything being on speakers as I would prefer a crisper sound.

    Maybe my sound card is too old? Or many too many audio devices (i.e usb mic and usb webcam) or what?

    I need help!

    Any help given would be greatly appreciated!

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