Web site is not opening some images

By Jazon
Oct 27, 2012
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  1. Hello!

    I had registered to one website, which has a large database of images and is payable.
    Example: I search for an image, when I am logged to that page. Website shows me images as result - no problem so far.
    Problem: Later I select and click random image and image doesnt show in bigger size and I cant look at the single image in bigger size.

    I have the last version of Java, latest Flash Player, I tried opening the images in Mozila Firefox and Google Chroome and it doesnt work.

    1. I log in, start searching, everything is all right. 1.jpg

    2. I select and click result with more images, everything is cool. 2.jpg

    3. I select and click the single image and it desnt show the image. 3.jpg

    4. I repeat the process and thing happens again with other image/s. I cant zoom the image,.. its just blank space. 4.jpg

    I own Lenovo laptop and I am using Windows 7.
    Is there a problem in some kind of image size limit, images are higher resolution?

    I had some problems with high cpu usage in last few months, but more than a month ago I solved the problem with stopping some services and killing some process- everything was checked, so I didnt shut down important serwices or kill necessary process. I dont have problems, when I am opening images on other sites or with playing flash games!!! Everything runs smoothly. Is firewall blocking something? I checked firewall but stil,...

    Any suggestions?


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