Webcam won't stay on, sound doesn't work

By macx
Feb 16, 2009
  1. Had my webcam set up and working great - Logitech Quick Cam Pro 4000.
    The webcam "on" light always came on every time I started the computer and
    stayed on all the time.

    Downloaded the latest software from Logitech to make sure it was current,
    installed the software, started using it with Tokbox.
    Sent a number of video emails to friends, everything worked fine.

    Was gone for a week, when I came home and fired up the PC the camera
    wouldn't stay "on" like it always had before.

    When I open Tokbox, the camera light then comes on.
    When trying to do a video email, the video part works, but there's no sound.
    No sound indicated when recording. The Logitech camera program opens
    for changing settings, etc. It all works fine while adjusting. When I close the
    adjusting window, the camera shuts down. Will start again when I try to make
    a video email, but only the video works, no sound.

    When I "Test" it on the Tokbox camera adjust, both the video and sound work fine,
    and there's an indication that sound is working and I can hear the test sound.. As soon as I close the Test window, the sound quits.

    When I uninstalled and reinstalled the camera software, a window came up
    saying the camera was in use by some other app, of course it didn't say what.
    That was the only time I saw that.

    I can't find anything else on my computer that uses the webcam. Doesn't
    make any difference if I log in or out of Yahoo chat.

    XP sp3, latest Firefox, ASUS p4C800E-Del board with Soundmax.
    None of this or any app's or settings have changed from when it worked fine.
    I tried fiddling with various Soundmax control panel controls for mic etc but
    nothing changed.

    What happened, how do I fix it, why did it change by itself, can I prevent that
    from happening again?

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