Weekend game deals: 25% off Civilization V

By Matthew
Dec 17, 2010
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  1. As a reminder, Steam's 'Treasure Hunt' event will conclude Monday, December 20, so there's only a few days left to complete objectives. As part of the latest set of objectives, the distribution service has cut 25% off Civilization V, 75% off Zombie Driver, and 75% off Bob Came in Pieces. In addition to its usual discounts, Direct2Drive offers 20% off IGN's best of 2010 nominees. GOG has reduced its entire catalog by up to 50%, while Impulse and GamersGate have slashed an assortment of titles including the Battlefield 2 Complete Collection and Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

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  2. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,558   +598

    I'm here to personally vouch that if you want no life or sleep, get Civilization V.

    I've never played a game that has such a grabbing "one more turn-itis" to it.
  3. Benny26

    Benny26 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,533   +48

    Looks quite tempting does Civ V..But i might hang back till after christmas i think.
  4. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,011   +18

    I'm not liking the nickel and diming they're doing. At this point you have to spend almost 75 bucks to get the stuff that was included in IV. 5 bucks a Civ, give or take, is too much.
  5. treeski

    treeski TS Evangelist Posts: 962   +205

    Is anyone else here completing the Steam Treasure Hunt objectives? I need to get one more to fill out the ten required :)
  6. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,011   +18

    I'm 3 short. Didn't want to spend any extra money, I'm waiting for their after X-mas sale.

    Unless this is the sale! =(((((

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