Western Digital My Book Essential Problem

Dec 3, 2008
  1. I recently purchased and installed a Clover Electronics Surveillance system for my business. This has an internal 500 GB hard drive. One of the ways that I can view the information that it is saving is to copy it to a USB which seems to work OK using a USB stick. But I can’t put much on one, so I ordered a Western Digital My Book Essential 500 GB external drive. The system will not recognize it. I tried the WD on my laptop and desktop – it seems to work perfectly on there – so believe it is something with the Clover system. I called Clover support, they had no idea why it wasn’t working, said it should work as soon as I plugged it in – but of course it doesn’t. His only thought was maybe because the HD was the newest model. Anyone had any experience with this type of problem?
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    Not sure the relevance and how much the Clover system acts like (or is actually based on) a Windows PC but here's a thread i've been working on to solve why the USB external drive no longer appears when connected to a Windows XP PC
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